Hey Admins and Mods! In our mission to help you k...
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Hey Admins and Mods! In our mission to help you keep your communities safe and lift some of that moderation work off your shoulders, we’ve set our sights on helping you more easily detect and prevent spam and raids. Today's spotlight introduces new features that help keep your communities cleaner from spam, and a preview into our early plans on building tools to deal with raids. Keep your Community clean from spam with new AutoMod spam filters We know dealing with spammy messages sucks. If only there was a way spammy messages could be blocked from being posted in your channels and threads in the first place… Thankfully, every community’s best friend in moderation - AutoMod - just got buffed with some new spam-cleansing abilities. Enable AutoMod in Server Settings > AutoMod to save hours of moderation work with these new filters: **Block Mention Spam** - Detect and block mention spam and mention raids before they happen to keep chat clean and prevent members in your community from receiving annoying mention notifications and ghost pings. Set your own limit on the number of mentions a message may contain (up to 50). Block Spam Content - Detect and block messages containing text content that has been widely flagged as spam by user reports. Great for blocking unwanted spam like those pesky free Nitro scams, unsolicited advertisements, and invite spam that disrupt your Community's friendly conversations and game nights. Check out our updated AutoMod FAQ help article: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/4421269296535-AutoMod-FAQ Our early plans and progress to protect communities from raids We know being raided is one of the worst experiences you and your Community can go through which is why we’re giving you a heads up that we’re exploring ways to better detect and prevent raids before they take place, while making it easier to de-escalate a raid when they do happen. While we’re in the earlier stages of progress here at Discord Labs™, rest assured we’re eager to equip you with effective tools to more easily deal with raids as quickly as we can. So what can you do now? **Report Raids**: You can now directly send us feedback reports when a raid is taking place in your server by going to your Server Dropdown and selecting Report Raid. If your Community is being raided, we encourage you to partner with us in our moderation efforts by reporting the situation as we’ll be regularly reviewing your raid reports to develop tooling that combat raids. Pause invitations to your Community at anytime - You can now pause your invite links for when you want to temporarily prevent people from joining your server without having to revoking your invite links or vanity URLs - just head over to Server Settings > Invites. Because this cuts off the flow of new arrivals, you'll have an easier time halting a raid in progress. It also lets well-intentioned community members trying to join know that the stoppage is temporary, and that soon, they’ll be able to come back to the same link and try again. Learn more about pausing invites: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/8458903738647 *How we’re protecting communities from suspicious links: * To help y’all with the legwork in dealing with messages containing malicious links, we’ve buffed every Community server with a proactive suspicious link filter designed to detect and block messages containing links that are verified to be harmful, such as those leading to malware or phishing sites that try to steal people’s personal or financial information. We’ll be continuously working on identifying links that might mislead or redirect users by reviewing a regularly updated list of unsafe and phishing websites: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/7326747355159-Why-was-my-message-not-delivered-