Hey Admins and Moderators, We've got an update on...
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Hey Admins and Moderators, We've got an update on all things Community today! If you haven't joined our Discord Admin Community… what are you waiting for? Head over to Server Setting > Community overview and join us — we've got a slew of exciting and fun stuff planned that you won’t want to miss out on. 🪴 __*Below is a sneak peek at the Stage events we’ve got cookin’!*__ August 16th: Safety on Discord August 25th: Utilizing Automod in your Community To join our Discord Admin Community, your server will need to hit a few engagement requirements. Once your community reaches the requirements listed , any of your Admins or Moderators with the “Manage Server” permission will be able to join the Discord Admin Community via Server Settings > Community. 📚 __**Community Resources**__ We recently released our Community Resources, a one-stop shop for learning how to build, engage, grow, and manage a space where anyone can belong. New articles, showcases, and more will be added in the future, so be sure to bookmark it for later. If you haven't already taken a peek at some of our content, you can check out the latest video! https://dis.gd/H2M_Your_Discord_Community 🤖 __Apps & Bots__ If your server uses a verified app, the way you send commands has probably changed in the last year - if it hasn’t, it may very soon! Developers of verified apps have been migrating to Slash Commands. The deadline to finish migrating is the end of August, which means on Sept 1, any apps that haven’t finished may have reduced functionality. If you haven’t tried out slash commands yet, type / in your server to see all the commands you have access to. If your favorite app isn’t listed, they may not yet have enabled slash commands. Or, you might need to check out the new permissions system in Server Settings > Integrations. If you run across any issues, you can reach out to individual app developers to find out more. Learn more here: