# announcements


12/13/2022, 10:28 PM
Hey Admins and Mods! Reach for the stars with new revenue tools for creators and communities on Discord. Server Subscriptions available in the US! Customize tiers, offer exclusive paid content, and meet future subscribers with Promo Pages—all while providing as much of a free experience to your community as you want. ( Server Subscriptions are only available in the US. Join our waitlist to be notified if they're available in your area. ( Private Threads are now available to all! Your community no longer needs to have Server Boosting to Level 2 to use Private Threads. Improvements to Server Insights! Dates should be more accurate. Conversations in Forum Channels will contribute to Engagement metrics, and now you can see joins via Student Hubs, Integrations, and Bots. The requirement to be a Communicator has been increased from 1 to 3 messages sent per week. This only applies to the Engagement tab and doesn’t impact Partner requirements. Forum Channels now with Gallery View! Gallery View gives posts in image-heavy Forum Channels like #fanart and #pet-pics room to shine - easily toggle between List View and Gallery View at any time. With this update, Forum Channels are now officially available on all Community servers! AutoMod keeps getting better! Alongside more Custom Rules, we’ve added Allowlists to your custom rules! Messages containing anything you’ve added to your Allowlist will not be flagged by AutoMod. We’ve also added the ability to filter messages using RegEX in your custom rules. () Enjoy your new tools, everyone!