# welcome


12/08/2022, 7:38 PM
Welcome! We've got some updates for the Kedro community that we want to let you know; they're focused on a decision to migrate our community to Slack. Migration to Slack We've been struggling to grow our community on Discord and after some research, we've discovered that a large part of our community cannot use Discord because it's banned in their organisations 😞. We've decided to rebuild our community in Slack (#1) because it seems to be the most widely accepted. We'll follow the example set by Great Expectations, dbt and MLflow. All conversations on Discord will be searchable with Linen (#2). We know that it's inconvenient to move communities so, get ready for a massive Kedro swag drop when we finish our rebrand (#3). Links #1 Join Slack: #2 Find past Discord conversations: #3 Get swag: