# beginners-need-help


10/24/2022, 8:02 PM
I am trying to run the Space Tutorial (starter version 0.18.3) but I keep getting
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DataSetError: Save path '.../spacetut/data/06_models/regressor.pickle/2022-10-24T19.26.35.315Z/regressor.pickle' for PickleDataSet(backend=pickle, 
filepath=.../spacetut/data/06_models/regressor.pickle, load_args={}, protocol=file, save_args={}, version=Version(load=None, 
save='2022-10-24T19.26.35.315Z')) must not exist if versioning is enabled.
...even if I clean out the file it is complaining about. And it also happened on the very first run. This is with:
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kedro                    0.18.3
kedro-docker             0.3.0
kedro-kubeflow           0.7.3
kedro-telemetry          0.2.1
kedro-viz                4.7.2
What would cause this?