# advanced-need-help


10/13/2022, 9:17 AM
Hi all, I've been exploring the kedro framework over the past week or two, and been building out a proof of concept pipeline for a data project in the company I work for. What I'd like to do next, and where I'm looking for some guidance/pointers, is to see if it's possible to build a pipeline where the structure of the DAG is defined in data. I'm hoping that it's possible to build a set of templates, and then enable a less technical user to join them together via some sort of data input (JSON/YAML/...) from the data catalog? I've done this sort of thing in Airflow before, but really like the concept of connected pipelines and the use of a data catalog in Kedro. If feels like the register_pipelines might be the place to do this, but it doesn't seem to take any args? So, any tips?