@here Hey everyone! We've got some updates for the...
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@here Hey everyone! We've got some updates for the Kedro community that we want to let you know; they're focused on a decision to migrate our community to Slack. We're mentioning this at the Kedro Showcases which are taking place today. Migration to Slack We've been struggling to grow our community on Discord and after some research, we've discovered that a large part of our community cannot use Discord because it's banned in their organisations 😞. We've decided to rebuild our community in Slack (#1) because it seems to be the most widely accepted. We'll follow the example set by Great Expectations, dbt and MLflow. We will continue to support the Discord server as we migrate users. The plan is to continue to support the server until the end of November. All conversations on Discord will be searchable with Linen (#2). We know that it's inconvenient to move communities so, get ready for a massive Kedro swag drop when we finish our rebrand (#3). Please shout if you have any questions for us. Links #1 Join Slack: https://join.slack.com/t/kedro-org/shared_invite/zt-1eicp0iw6-nkBvDlfAYb1AUJV7DgBIvw #2 Find Discord conversations: https://linen-discord.kedro.org/ #3 Get swag: https://www.surveys.online/jfe/form/SV_8jfTn7SQDcUiN5c