# advanced-need-help


10/12/2022, 9:36 AM
Hi @farisology I'll try my best to answer your questions: 1. No Kedro does not use a server to run, unless you set it up that way yourself. Out of curiosity: what version of Kedro are you using? That log line is not in our latest version, and I'm not sure it ever was.. perhaps your team added this for debugging? 2. Are you using the
plugin for this? 3. You can definitely run Kedro on stand-alone airflow as well. The Kedro maintainer team tries to keep documentation and deployment guides up to date, but we don't always manage to write about all possible ways of deploying Kedro projects. Let us know where we can help here! 4. I don't really understand your question, is this related to airflow/`kedro-airflow` again?