# announcements


09/19/2022, 3:29 AM
Hey Admins and Mods, Y’all ready for some of that ~ juicy ~ product news? After a bunch of testing, we’re excited to begin rolling out Forum Channels across Community servers! Forum Channels are a new type of channel that provide a dedicated, organized space for conversations. Since conversations are contained in individual posts, your members can browse topics before jumping in—without worrying about breaking up or getting in the way of other on-going conversations. If you’ve been waiting for this news in anticipation and are ready to dive right in, go right ahead and click that Create Channel button. You’ll see that forum channels are now an option for you. Want to do a bit more deep thonking and research around how to best use Forum Channels before diving in? The following article on our Community Resources site will guide you on your journey to reaching forum Valhalla: