I have an issue where a `kedro docker build` looks...
# plugins-integrations
I have an issue where a
kedro docker build
looks like it is running forever:
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Step 7/12 : RUN groupadd -f -g ${KEDRO_GID} kedro_group && useradd -d /home/kedro -s /bin/bash -g ${KEDRO_GID} -u ${KEDRO_UID} kedro
 ---> Running in eacc1a27e787
But when I use
docker ps -a
I notice that the container that is supposedly hanging during that build step actually shows that it already completed:
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eacc1a27e787   c18ff7793d12                          "/bin/sh -c 'groupad…"   2 minutes ago    Exited (0) 2 minutes ago
Any ideas what is going on here?