Hi, i am currently trying using kedro for a ML pre...
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Hi, i am currently trying using kedro for a ML prediction pipeline which has a component of preprocessing and other one of prediction. Our client wants to combine this pipeline with another development that has been done in javascript and then use both of them via an API which i have implemented in FastAPI. Since i am consuming the javascript development via API i want to be able to capture the last output of the kedro pipeline into a memory dataset so i can be able to use its output and then provide a Json answer though the API. I am having problems getting this output, since i always get an empty dictionary. I am using in the catalog a MemoryDataset and i specified the copy mode to assign but it still does not work. My concrete question is does anyone know how can i import the pipeline into a python script and get the output of the pipeline to a variable in python so i can use it for further purposes? This is my script template
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from kedro.framework.session import KedroSession
from kedro.framework.startup import bootstrap_project
from pathlib import Path

metadata = bootstrap_project(Path("Mypath"))

thanks for your help