<@!849562656117489704> thank you very much for rep...
# plugins-integrations
@User thank you very much for replying! I'm trying to build docs for pandas-iris demo
kedro new --starter=pandas-iris
, there are
files in every folder. 😕
@User hmm, this is strange. I just tried on the same starter and it works fine for me.
Can you paste the console output when you do
kedro build-docs
Thank you again @User ! I restarted my environment with python 3.8.8 and it worked! Really don't know what happened....
taking advantage that you created this topic, how did you configure it for this theme? for me, docs looks like this:
Ah, excellent to hear it! Sphinx (which is what
kedro build-docs
uses) is quite a mysterious tool in many ways to be honest 😅 That is very weird that the themes are different. The theme is configured here in conf.py, so you should be able to change it: https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro-starters/blob/main/pandas-iris/%7B%7B%20cookiecutter.repo_name%20%7D%7D/docs/source/conf.py#L95 My guess would be that, since we're both apparently using
, we have different versions of some sphinx package installed which is supplying that theme. Not sure beyond that though, best to check the sphinx docs on themes!
Okay, thank you for your support, nice to know that the people here really helps 😆