Thanks <@!318412012701089794> for replying faster ...
# plugins-integrations
Thanks @User for replying faster than I could 😉 Some remarks: 1. I have no better way than the one suggested to log the log. I know that logging the entire file is not satisfactory but I don't know how I could log only the logs for the specific run. It would require to store them somewhere during log execution, and I don't think this exists for now. Another issue is that you would have the logs only up to the ``after_pipeline_run`` call, which may strip off some of runs occuring afterwards. 2. I suspected the error came from a typo in the catalog, thanks for confirming. Notice that in most recetn versions of ``kedro-mlflow`` you can return only a float / a list of float or a dict {step; value} rather the complicated format above (see ``MlflowMetricDataSet`` without "s" or ``MlflowMetricHistoryDataSet`` on the same documentation page you sent above. 3. Actually I've noticed that several times in the past: the mlflow UI does not display the same thing depending on the mlflow version you have, and it varies a lot between versions (sometimes nothing shows up, sometimes you have the name and sometimes you have the run id). @User and @User can you tell me what mlflow version you have? Since mlflow is highly inconsistent on what is displayed, I may log the ``run_id`` as a tag in the future to ensure consistency.