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# plugins-integrations
@User 1. You can try @User suggestion which is a really good idea! 2. You do not need a node for each metric, you can return a tuple for a node, e.g. :
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# in node.py
def compute_metrics (y_true, y_preds):
    return metric1, metric2, [metric3_step0, metric3_step1, metric3_step2, metric3_step3]

# in pipeline_registry.py

node(compute_metrics, ["y_true", "y_preds"], [my_metric1, my_metric2, my_metric3]),

# in catalog.yml
    type: kedro_mlflow.io.metrics.MlflowMetricDataSet

    type: kedro_mlflow.io.metrics.MlflowMetricDataSet

    type: kedro_mlflow.io.metrics.MlflowMetricHistoryDataSet
This is easier than returning the complex format above 3. Unfortunately this is not linked to ``kedro-mlflow``, I don't modify the UI. I know that mlflow often changes its UI and it slightly varies across versions. Feel free to [open an issue to my repo](https://github.com/Galileo-Galilei/kedro-mlflow/issues), I'll add it to my backlog to log it as a tag in the future so we can have consistent access across mlflow versions.