# beginners-need-help
See (I know you aware there have already been discussions on it... but this is really exactly what you're talking about :D). In short: * my controversial personal opinion: I sympathise with the need to generate pipelines on the fly and don't object to it * don't mix these "meta-parameters" with conf/base/parameters; instead put them in a new file like meta_parameters.yml (or .py or whatever suits you - if you're not using
there's no reason to be restricted to yaml if you don't want to) * environment variables are also quite good for this sort of thing, e.g. you'd do
YEAR_START = 2020 YEAR_END = 2030 kedro run
and then in the pipeline_registry you'd do
range(os.getenv("YEAR_START"), os.getenv("YEAR_END"))