Feature request idea: let people use google sheets...
# beginners-need-help
Feature request idea: let people use google sheets as a Dataset. I just added this for our pipeline and I'm pretty sure it will be very helpful for us. This would be generally useful for any people that have pipelines with data that interfaces with cross-functional partners at startups (for example the performance marketing team, or teams that work primarily through google sheets - finance)
Hi @User to my knowledge this is the first time someone has asked for this. It should be super easy to implement wrapping the gspread library and following these instructions: https://docs.gspread.org/en/latest/ https://kedro.readthedocs.io/en/stable/07_extend_kedro/03_custom_datasets.html
It should be super easy to implement for your purposes and as always we'd appreciate a PR into the main project once you've got it working
I am still doing development against the develop branch, is it possible for me to make PRs to be merged into this branch?
Also, how can I develop and iterate locally on a new dataset? Can I add the relevant files directly in the site-packages library?
I figured it out. You can directly modify the files in the site-packages and debug the code with
"justMyCode": false,