Hello! I have multiple time series with exogenous ...
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Hello! I have multiple time series with exogenous params. I have one dataset for each time serie, and would like to create one model for each dataset, following the same pipeline. Is it possible to easily do it with kedro? 🤔 Thanks for your response :)
Yes! we are currently updating our docs to better explain this feature
and follow my example project here https://github.com/datajoely/modular-spaceflights
You can reuse the same pipeline multiple times with different inputs
here is an example how we use the same pipeline twice, using diff modelling techniques
Can modular pipelines be data driven? Taking the time series example - I want to build models for each time series but time series ids are in db and change in time. For example in a retail chain some products are removed or added.
so yes, you're able to do so - but it does harm reproducibility
As a team we don't mind dynamic pipelines, but believe in order to make them maintainable the inputs can be dynamic - but the structure should be static
The other way you can do this is loading/saving some checkpoints to another dataset to retain some idea of 'state'
happy to help you think through the problem
Thanks for reply. I know it harms reproducibility. I personally prefer have one pipeline and run it many times with different inputs.