Hi <@!929711659994476544> and welcome! This sounds...
# beginners-need-help
Hi @User and welcome! This sounds like you're doing roughly the right thing, but you might be missing a few things: * the best way to clone many nodes/pipelines that are similar but with slightly different parameters (e.g. different model) is through modular pipelines. @User will have some nice examples here to illustrate * note you can nest namespaces, e.g.
. kedro-viz supports also supports arbitrarily nested hierarchy like this * experiment tracking is now natively supported in kedro. Still work in progress but if you're interested you can see the documentation at https://kedro.readthedocs.io/en/stable/08_logging/02_experiment_tracking.html and a demo at https://demo.kedro.org/ (click the flask icon on the left sidebar)