thanks! yea I am using Great Expectations on the ...
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thanks! yea I am using Great Expectations on the data side. I was also aiming to write a test suite more than anything. So, I was thinking of running things like this and then having a battery of unit tests for each node.
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with KedroSession.create("library") as session:
    context = session.load_context()
    print(context.params)<node1 options>)
    run.node1_tests()<node2 options>)
    ... so on
Does that seem reasonable?
so this is something I want to improve in the default template
but this is how I think one should integration test entire pipelines
rather than re-use the real 'context' I think you should create your own catalog, runner and pass the data through that way
Cool thanks, this makes sense as well. Will definitely use it for inspiration!
Thanks for this example @datajoely , this is a really interesting way to set up tests I hadn't thought about.