# beginners-need-help


05/29/2022, 8:02 PM
There's my pipeline. Let's for the sake of argument define the different rows/levels of this viz as the hierarchy. At the 3rd level, we have the datasets "customer df", "competitor df" and "previous matches df". If you follow the paths, you can see that the only inputs I really need for the nodes at the 4th level (besides the node identity) are "customer df" and "competitor df". The dataset "previous matches df" is really only needed at the second to last level for the node "analysis". For this pipeline, I've included the node "identity" and the sole reason for it is to make the viz look nice. If I were to remove it, the whole viz would look very messy and most importantly, the dataset "previous matches df" (which right now sits at the 3rd level, which is precisely what I want) would instead be moved to the 5th level. So the question is: Is there a way to control at what level datasets are shown in the viz? In my pipeline, "previous matches df" is loaded by the node "load data" and then only used again by the node "analysis". Is there a way for me to choose where to visualize it in the levels between those nodes?