Agreed with all of <@!842787984902062080>'s points...
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Agreed with all of @User's points above. For a while I've wanted to compile a sort of kedro best practice guide which would cover this sort of stuff. Just to add some points on pipeline and directory structure: * use modular pipelines and the directory/file structure they give you * for a sufficiently complex modular pipeline, your will grow too big to be maintainable. In this case you should split it into multiple files * one way to organise this is to have one module (python file) per node. Each node module should expose a top-level node function at the top. Any helper functions specific to that node should be defined in the same file but are private (prefix the function name with
) * any helper functions shared between nodes in the same modular pipeline go in
within that modular pipeline * any helper functions shared between nodes in the multiple modular pipeline go in
(or even a directory
) in