To log stuff, you need to: - Install kedro-neptune...
# resources
To log stuff, you need to: - Install kedro-neptune plugin - Initialize the plugin and setup credentials - Add a neptune_run handler as an input to a node - Log whatever metadata you want to it This would be a change to the node:
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def report_accuracy(predictions: np.ndarray, test_y: pd.DataFrame,
                                 neptune_run: -> None:
    target = np.argmax(test_y.to_numpy(), axis=1)
    accuracy = np.sum(predictions == target) / target.shape[0]
    neptune_run['nodes/report/accuracy'] = accuracy * 100
If you are interested in trying it out, here are some step-by-step examples: - Quickstart: - Compare Kedro pipelines: - Compare results between Kedro nodes: - Display Kedro node metadata and outputs: Again, thank you so much, and I really hope this will be useful to some of you here!