No it is fixed in regards to `data_location` so th...
# advanced-need-help
No it is fixed in regards to
so these is not even a need to a xml path... Here is part of the class
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class DaskAlpha3TifsDataset(AbstractDataSet):
    def __init__(self, filepath: str, params: Dict[str, Any] = None):
        # parse the path and protocol (e.g. file, http, s3, etc.)
        protocol, path = get_protocol_and_path(filepath)
        self._protocol = protocol
        self._filepath = PurePosixPath(path)
        self._fs = fsspec.filesystem(self._protocol)
        load_path = get_filepath_str(self._filepath, self._protocol)
        self.xml = get_meta_alpha3(load_path)
        self.xml['filters'] = params
        self.xml['ch_names'] = [params[i] for i in self.xml['filter_order']]

    def _load(self) -> da.Array:
        """Loads data from the image file.

            Data from the image file as a numpy array
        # using get_filepath_str ensures that the protocol and path are appended correctly for different filesystems
        file_shapes = self.xml['file_shapes']
        base_dir = self.xml['base_dir'] 
        files = glob.glob(os.path.join(base_dir, 'Raw', '*.tiff'))'Found {len(files)} files in {base_dir} Raw folder')
        sizes = [(file_shapes[3], file_shapes[4])] * len(files)
        delay = [dask.delayed(load_tiff_stack)(fn) for fn in files]
        both = list(zip(delay, sizes))
        slices = [slice(i, i+file_shapes[2]) for i in range(0, len(both), file_shapes[2])]
        lazy_arrays = [da.from_delayed(x, shape=y, dtype=np.uint16) for x, y in both]
        lazy_arrays_conZ = [ da.stack(lazy_arrays[s], axis=0) for s in slices]
        lazy_arrays_conTileCh = da.stack(lazy_arrays_conZ, axis=0).reshape(file_shapes[[5,0,1,2,3,4]])
        return lazy_arrays_conTileCh