The deploy code provided by Kedro in the
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The deploy code provided by Kedro in the file itself groups the nodes and then assigns it to run in parallel mode. def _convert_kedro_pipeline_to_step_functions_state_machine(self) -> None: """Convert Kedro pipeline into an AWS Step Functions State Machine""" definition = sfn.Pass(self, "Start") for i, group in enumerate(self.pipeline.grouped_nodes, 1): group_name = f"Group {i}" sfn_state = sfn.**Parallel**(self, group_name) for node in group: sfn_task = self._convert_kedro_node_to_sfn_task(node) sfn_state.branch(sfn_task) definition = sfn.StateMachine( self, self.project_name, definition=definition, timeout=core.Duration.seconds(5 * 60), ) Is there a specific reason why the code is setup to deploy the nodes in Parallel mode in Lambda when it is known that AWS Lambda does not support parallel processsing.
So there docs may be a little out of date, but
isn't actually Kedro it's this actually AWS side
and I think that's just for creating parallel branches on the step function DAG (not my specialty, just the way I read it)
Now the question I have - in the code you're deploying are the nodes doing any multiprocessing? Or more likely are any of the DS libraries using multiple threads / processes to train models
No the whole code runs in sequential manner and I confirmed it in kedro info.logs as well . All the nodes run sequentially and I would prefer it that way . There is no multi threading involved anywhere.
Hi @User I'm not sure if this would work, but in
would you mind setting the session store to this
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from import BaseSessionStore
There is a
in the
used for experiment tracking and this may break on lambda
@User did this fix things?
@User I was away for few days. I made these changes and it failed with the same error. The documentation provided by Kedro instructs to include a file which is supposed to handle this issue specifically. I have included that file in my image but I think it does not work . This is the code mentioned in the file by Kedro: from unittest.mock import patch def handler(event, context): from kedro.framework.project import configure_project configure_project("spaceflights_steps_function") node_to_run = event["node_name"] # Since _multiprocessing.SemLock is not implemented on lambda yet, # we mock it out so we could import the session. This has no impact on the correctness # of the pipeline, as each Lambda function runs a single Kedro node, hence no need for Lock # during import. For more information, please see this StackOverflow discussion: # with patch("multiprocessing.Lock"): from kedro.framework.session import KedroSession with KedroSession.create(env="aws") as session:[node_to_run])