# advanced-need-help


05/30/2022, 12:25 PM
Did you solve this @bgereke? I'm trying to sort this exact same thing right now. I have set up TemplateConfigLoader but was a bit confused on how to pass in arguments via the method shown in the documentation here: In that example, the globals.yml seem to be hardcoded in advance. I don't see how to pass in arguments that would override them? If I can't pass in the arguments, it kinda defeats the purpose. As for a solution, I actually had the exact same idea as you: changing "global_pattern" to "*parameters.yml" instead (since those can be supplied via --params) and in that case it worked.. kinda! It only works in the case when the parameter is also predefined (hardcoded) in parameters.yml, but not if I try to re-define it via --params. Did you succeed better at this?