@here Kedro-Viz 4.0.0 is here Hi everyone, we're ...
# announcements
@here Kedro-Viz 4.0.0 is here Hi everyone, we're very excited to announce the release of Kedro-Viz 4.0.0. This release marks a new era in Kedro-Viz, in which we commit to deliver the best interactive development experience for Kedro as we possibly can. The highlight of this release is the ability to expand and collapse modular pipelines on your Kedro pipeline. We hope that this feature could improve the usage of modular pipelines with Kedro, which we believe is the best way to build modular data science code. And as you might already have heard, we have more to come very soon 🚀 Demo: Spaceflights pipeline: https://quantumblacklabs.github.io/kedro-viz/?data=spaceflights Stress demo: https://quantumblacklabs.github.io/kedro-viz/ As usual, you can install it with:
pip install kedro-viz==4.0.0
If you have any feedback, let us know.