# announcements
Kedro-Viz 4.1.1 is out @here This is the release you’ve all been waiting for - Kedro-Viz now supports native experiment tracking 🧪 The Kedro-Viz team is very excited to introduce you all to the first MVP of native Experiment Tracking on Kedro-viz, where you will be able to see and compare the various tracked datasets from your Kedro runs. ( More information here :  https://github.com/quantumblacklabs/kedro-viz#experiment-tracking-usage). This is enabled via the introduction of a SQLite database on the Kedro-viz server, as well as the setup of GraphQL technology that enables us to deliver the experiment data in a fast and reliable way. The team is hard at work adding more and more features in this space - check out our roadmap for more info (we’re currently at Milestone 2): https://github.com/quantumblacklabs/kedro/issues/1070 . To get started - simply use one of the two special datasets 
 , check out the docs for more info! Checkout our new demo here : https://kedro-viz-live-demo.hfa4c8ufrmn4u.eu-west-2.cs.amazonlightsail.com/runsList ⬅️⬅️⬅️ Have a great Friday everyone!